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Intelligent Document Processing & Business Process Automation Solution


Digitize Static Data, Improve Existing Business &  Data Process, Increase Revenue

DG-BPA’s Intelligent Document Processing & Business Process Automation Solution helps leading companies to rapidly digitize their data from legacy documents and operational sources, integrate from enterprise systems, operational sources, sensor networks and external providers to custom build cloud ware applications and models that generate collaboration, visualization, reporting, predictive insights at large scale. This addresses critical issues such as making good use of static data and automating and streamlining of the existing business processes improves operational reliability, optimizing and monitoring production and maintenance analytics and generating positive revenue annually.



Process Automation

Use Cases


Accessing all your Legacy Static Data

2Mil+ unique and key legacy data wrangled from thousands of documents. DataGeometry-BPA brings life to every static data – across domains and businesses.

Structuring & Storing your Unstructured Homeless Data

5,000 ERD models in use, certified member & OSDU compliance for Oil & Gas IndustryDataGeometry-BPA’s services connects your structured data to customized pre-built ERD models within it and writes directly to your database, even across the most complex organizations.

Build Automated Workflows & Forms

100 automated seamless business workflow and form models for complex organizations adopting digital transformation initiatives. DataGeometry-BPA’s automated workflow system designed to eliminate chaos and to boost productivity across organizations.

Build & Deploy critical AI & Cloud Ware Applications

Low-code and no-code platform to build enterprise apps without limits, fast. Built for Citizen Developers, Full stack Developers & Data Scientist’s DataGeometry-BPA’s rapid application delivery platform allows the agile enterprise to build, model, deploy  and analyse multi-experience apps.

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