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What is ThingsBoard ?

DG-IIoT LoRa Technology enables diverse connectivity, real-time analytics, reporting and visualization. 

1. Multiple laser sensors embedded with LoRa Technology which tracks movement such as tilt and growth of the client’s assets. 

2. The laser sensors continuously collect data in intervals of time which is sent to the database on-prem server.

3. If the laser sensors detect unusual movement or behavior, they send an alert to a LoRa based gateway to the all-in-one dashboard.

4. The gateway sends information to the network where the data will then be calculated by the application server (mathematical model).

5. Applications server generates real-time visualization, historical visualization and generates predictions from the data received.

6. Maintenance personnel receive work orders via a mobile device or a computer during any emergencies so that repairs can be scheduled and taken care of as soon as possible.

Key Benefits of LoRaWAN

1. Reduce operational expenses with precise growth and tilt movement through sensors and automated visualization embedded with LoRa Technology.

2. Bringing you one step closer to the concept of digitalized oil fields, where human intervention would not be needed to record movement for the assets.

3. Data is trackable and visualized on an on-prem server.

4. Reliable RF communication link between sensing infrastructure and NOW Systems.

Other Applications using LoRaWAN

Utilities have a wide range of sensing solutions, including:

  • Sensing Water Flow
  • Smart Water Meters
  • Fire Hydrant monitors, etc.

LoRaWAN in Our Solutions & Features



Long Range

Reliable communication from Zone 0 laser sensors to the on-prem servers 100m-500m away in instrumental rooms.


Low Power

Enables up to 6-month battery lifetime and will be exchanged twice yearly for maintenance.


High Capacity

Supports high data roll-in per base station.


Low Cost

Reduces human interventions, upfront infrastructure investments as well as operating and end-node costs.


High CapacityStandardized

LoRaWAN specification ensures interoperability among applications, IoT solution providers and the clients’ systems.


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