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What is ThingsBoard ?

ThingsBoard is an open-source Internet of Things (IoT) platform used for monitoring, data processing, visualization of data, catered for most Internet of Things solutions.

Why Did We Choose Thingsboard?

Industry standard IoT protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP are supported by ThingsBoard, enables device connectivity both on cloud and on-prem deployments. ThingsBoard combines scalability, fault-tolerance, and performance for capturing, processing and monitoring data. It provides as a gateway server that is able to communicate with the attached devices. 

Built around DG-IIoT’s NOW Systems, it provides support for real-life data, protocols in an impressive all-in-one on-prem dashboard. New hardware protocols for analysis techniques are continuously being developed and researched to the framework.

SolutionThingsBoard in Our Solutions & Features

  1. Reliable and fault tolerant data collection from smart laser sensors equipped with LoRaWAN Technology. 
  2. Visualize the collected data on a customized, all-in-one dashboard. 
  3. Analyze predictive laser sensor data to derive actionable insights. 
  4. Storing data for reporting and historical analysis. 
  5. Feed processed smart metering data into client’s third-party application for visualization to be accessed anywhere.
  6. User-friendly tier administration for different operators and management levels. [access asset on all-in-one platform.] 
  7. Alarm widgets to instantly notify users or operators about any critical events or unusual consumption levels through various tele-messaging applications.

Demo of Dashboard

The demo of the NOW Systems’ Dashboard can be seen down below: 

  1. Main Dashboard

The Dashboard contains user, device and asset management options for the operators. The dashboard management section gives operators choices on how they would like the dashboard to be visualized on their computers. There is also an audit log option for any audit purposes.

    2. Assets’ Dashboard

    As seen in the picture below, an example of an asset’s dashboard is shown. In this example, the smart laser sensors are visualizing total wellhead growth (TWG) of the asset’s growth and tilt movement on the platform. The growth and tilt measurements are visualized in forms of graphs. An alarm section is also included which will notify operators if any unusual behavior is detected.

      Workflow (Highlighting ThingsBoard)

      The overall workflow of the NOW Systems, equipped with ThingsBoard can be seen in the screenshot below.

      ThingsBoard’s Use Cases: 

      1. Smart Farming 

      Smart farming combines both hardware (IoT) and software (SaaS) to capture data. The data is collected and used to manage operations on the farm. 

      2. Smart Metering

      Intricate integrated alarm systems with smart metering are used to study consumption solutions and identify any unusual activities or energy offenders.

      3. Smart Energy

      Similar to Smart Metering, the main difference between these two can be seen how Smart Energy syncs different energy producers and consumers to optimize energy consumption based on collected data points.


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