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Automatic Information Retrieval for Predictive Maintenance from Scanned & Handwritten PRD Testing, Inspection & Servicing Certificates gives wings to the O&G company’s digital transformation journey


Fortune 500 Oil & Gas company attains multiple insights from structured datasets of Field Information, Geology & Geophysical Overview, Facilities Overview, Process Overview and Limit Diagram for all the platforms across Malaysia by using DataGeometry-BPA. 


The client’s management and technical community was required to perform complex tasks, such as, field correlations, geological correlations, platform data analysis on its existing facilities and processes, and its limit or design capacity for production from their high-end computing workstations. Due to the information residing in discrete type of setups and document types, the teams faced challenges in extracting, structuring, and standardizing the information owing to constraints on method of extraction and standardization. In order to enable users to proceed with the study, the client needed its information to be identified, extracted, and structured first before proceeding with their analytics.


The client engaged with Net Geometry for DataGeometry-BPA Data Wrangling Services to structure their data residing in multiple legacy documents.

Implementing certified Project Management Institute (PMI) and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) certified project phases & processes together with leveraging on DataGeometry – BPA, a custom solution was built in to automatically identify the targeted information, digitize, and extract them seamlessly and storing them in a structured database upon being validated.

High Level Scope of Work:


High Level Image Processing for Enhanced Recognition:

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Business Impacts

DataGeometry-BPA’s solution has allowed the subsurface technical users to work effectively and collaboratively to produce valuable insights and reviews on all of their assets in Malaysia regardless of location and have made this legacy information more accessible. This first end to end services of data identification to structuring and storing directly into the deployed at the client premises is considered as the benchmark. The results of the scalability and performances of the DataGeometry – BPA’s Data Wrangling Services outperforms significantly when compared to manual human extraction.

  • Reduces operational time for extraction by almost 75%.
  • End to end processes of extraction, validation and standardization and populating to database and at one go reduces the overall manpower required as compared to manual processes.
  • Custom built solutions for this project can be used forever and whenever the documents are made available.
  • Eliminate human errors during the review and extraction process.
  • Improved user experience for the Management and Technical community


Agile, Rapid and Proven

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